Carimo Villa Rental Program for the Travel Agent Network

One of the major components of the fabric of the vacation or business travel network is for there to be a trust between the client and the travel advisor.  The client expects the travel advisor to successfully guide them through their entire travel experience.  Clients “buy” the travel advisor long before they purchase a travel product.  In other words, the client must trust the travel advisor will provide accurate and relevant content that meets or exceeds their expectations.

This is a tremendous challenge for the travel advisor. There are endless amounts of details to understand and review prior to making any suggestions to a client.  It is our goal to become an extension of the travel advisors efforts and provide the highest level of comfort and knowledge in order to not just maintain their relationship with their client, but help bring it to another dimension.

We realize it is near impossible for the travel advisor to establish themselves as experts in all areas of travel, but with our assistance we can certainly help them to gain professional stature.  Our staff is ready, willing, and able to help them learn how to pick the “best fitting” villa for their clients.  There is a science to understanding the importance of the  “discovery” questions that will need to be reviewed with the clients in order to pin point the best villa.  Each villa is unique and has a slighly different personality and feel to it.  This is what makes the villa rental product so magical versus staying in a hotel or resort.

The Carimo Villa Rental Business Model has been to develop a consist high quality brand at every price level.  Years of experience and knowledge have gone into putting together one of the finest villa rental products anywhere in the world.   For a villa to be included in our villa rental inventory, it went through a selective process with the villa renter in mind.  By limiting and managing our inventory, we are able to provide the travel advisor and their clients an extreme vote of confidence they will be delighted with their selection.

A client’s villa rental experience is not just about their villa selection, but rather about all the components of their vacation experience ...before they arrive, during their stay, and even when they have arrived home.  Every guest of Carimo Villa Rentals has access to a complimentary on island Concierge to help maximize their villa rental experience.  Our Concierge will work in tandem with the travel advisor and their clients to make all the necessary arrangements rental, provisions, chefs, activities, restaurant selection and reservations, baby sitting services, spa treatments, etc.

“Discovery” Questions:  We have found that it is of tremendous help to matching clients up with the best fitting villa is to review with them a series of questions that will guide them more effectively to their decision.  Below you will find a list of some of these you might want to consider asking during the selection process.

  •  What are the dates they are thinking about traveling?  Are the dates flexible?
  •  How many people in the party?
  •  Have they looked into the cost and availability of the airfare?
  •  How many adults?  How many couples?  How many children?  What are the ages   of the children?
  •  How many bedrooms will they need?
  •  What size bedding do they prefer?  King, Queen, or Twins?
  •  Will they need parity with the bedrooms?  Especially if there are couples and they  are all paying equally.
  •  How many bathrooms?
  •  Have they rented a villa before?  What did they like about the experience?  What did they not like?  If they have not, what has made them consider a villa rental?
  •  What are some of the features they are looking for in a villa? 
  •  What types of activities are they planning on doing?
  •  Can they describe what they perceive as the “perfect” villa?
  •  What villa features are most important?  View, pool, layout, architecture, furnishings, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.?
  •  Are there any special needs for any one in your group?
  •  What are some of the fears concerning renting a villa?
  •  When you are out by the pool what do they want to be looking ocean, other islands, a harbor, water activities, sunrise, or sunset?
  •  What features in the kitchen are important?  Do they plan on doing most of the cooking or eating out a majority of the time?
  •  Where do they plan on spending most of their the villa, out by the pool, at the beach, or exploring the island?
  •  How important is “Privacy” and how would they define it?
  •  What is the price range they are considering?  Price per couple?


Why Rent a Carimo Villa?

  • A Qualified Collection of the Top 60+ Luxury Villas available that are elegantly appointed with the villa renter in mind.
  • Villas are Exclusively Represented and Managed by Carimo Villa Rentals.
  • Villas are inspected and qualified to ensure that every detail provides an unparalleled experience.
  • Carimo has control of the every Villa Calendar and with live availability.
  • Carimo has the Exclusive Direct Relationship with every villa Owner.
  • Carimo Representatives have a “hands on” comprehensive working knowledge of every Carimo Villa in their inventory.
  • All Carimo Villas are elegantly appointed and comfortable, providing a complete range of features and services.
  • Over 29 years of continuous service of representing Luxury Properties on St Martin.
  • Carimo Office and Staff are conveniently  located within 15 minutes of all Villas they represent.
  • Full On Island dedicated Concierge to manage all types of customized Services of the villa rental experience - available  24/7 including weekends and holidays.
  • Two Full Time Carimo Maintenance Staff on island available 24/7 including all weekends and holidays.
  • Carimo villa Rentals has a member of the Sales & Marketing Team living in the US available for all forms of communication.
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Saint Martin Villa Rentals

St Martin villa rentals are some of the finest Villa rentals available in the Caribbean, offering a unique Villa experience unparalleled on neighboring islands. This stylish French Island paradise isn't known just for its exclusive selection of St. Martin villas: A diverse culture - the island is French on one side and Dutch on the other. Carimo is the premiere Real Estate Company on the island of St Martin. In their quest for superior service, Carimo offers Luxury villas as well as affordable villas in St Martin. Looking for an alternative to a Hotel try Carimo for the name in luxury and service. For adventuresome guests of St. Martin villa rentals, the island is also home to a wide variety of activities like scuba diving, deep-sea fishing and windsurfing.